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Website Development

We love custom building things for our clients. From full-featured web applications to e-commerce solutions, and even the humble business website. We create a comprehensive development strategy that includes a professional design, sound architecture, and strong conversion elements. Includes premium hosting upon the client’s request. And you know what the best part is? We can do it at a fraction of the rate. We don’t believe in over charging our customers for the things required to run your business. So we pride ourselves on being able to offer affordable solutions for businesses of ALL sizes.

Social Media Content Conversation Development

A social media campaign is a living, breathing thing; and it thrives on content. Regardless of platform, proper development of content is required to engage consumers. Engaged consumers lead to sales and self-sustaining viral spread of your brand. We place great importance on developing content (text, photo, video, audio, etc.) that engenders conversation and enriches your social media presence. And because we work in all aspects of the social space, we have unparalleled data about and insight into what types of content are best for your audience.

Social Media Asset Creation Development

Digital assets today can take almost any form, and it’s as import to know which assets to use as it is to know how to build them. From Facebook campaigns, to Twitter Profiles, to YouTube series, creation is the first step. Oftentimes overlooked as a simple step in the complex world of social media, we know that correctly setting up an asset the first time can save money and aggravation in the long term. Furthermore, when The Ecomm Dude builds, manages, and tracks your social assets, you benefit financially and creatively from a streamlined process and unified strategy.

Social Strategy and conversion

Create a social strategy which will convert clicks into sales and bolster revenue for your business or brand. Positively influencing customer interactions designed to increase the lifetime value they provide to a company. Includes both improving average purchase revenue and repurchase rates.

Social Media Advertising Management

The social media landscape is filled with people and brands competing for consumer attention. Over the years, The Ecomm Dude has mastered the use of social advertising on sites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter in order to hyper-target relevant consumers and engender quality engagement. Our advertising tactics are the most targeted and cost effective in the industry.

ROI, Analytics, Reporting

We are a data-driven company. Measurement is in our blood because through measurement we can combine the right amount of science to our art and create the perfect solution. Using proprietary tools such as “Looking Glass” and custom Facebook analytics apps, we can measure deep insights across your entire social media campaign. This data is used by your Pandemic Labs team to make constant course adjustments, as well as combined into larger reports for you and your stakeholders to ensure you are always in the loop in real time.

Video Production and Creation

We create engaging online content that people like. We create social engagement that people share. We win media, create buzz and make brands and consumers happy. From staging a indepth prank which utilizes your brand, to sending 100 pararchute men into the air, we can accomplish even your most elaberate video needs. If you have a tricky project which mixes film, on-line delivery and interaction, give us a call.

Email Marketing

Whether you want to send surveys, advertise your company’s products and services, or you’re simply looking for an email newsletter service, The Ecomm Dude will help devise a strategy that will promote your business using the indisputable power of email marketing to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Digital marketing doesn’t just stop at SEO or SEM – a successful Internet marketing program means taking a holistic approach and using the avenues that best suit your goals. This form of marketing helps.

Social Application Development

Social media is not a silo. Socially integrated microsites can still provide immense value, and using new API functionality to seamlessly integrate social layers onto your primary website has never been easier and more powerful. From apps to social microsites, The Ecomm Dude has built them all. More importantly, our top-down approach means that our social applications are guaranteed to be “plugged in” to all your other social and traditional marketing efforts.

Mobile Marketing

Did you know that most people are never farther than two feet from their mobile phones, many even shamelessly admitting to sleeping side-by-side with them? The bond we have with our mobile devices is intimate and it is everywhere, which makes the marketing opportunity with mobile tremendously valuable. We assist with targeted mass mobile delivery of brief messages to consumers, employees or organizational members. This marketing is typically used for better communication and promotional advertising.

Social Media Consulting

Got a social media team in place, but unsure what’s next? From defining the rules of engagement and choosing a management platform to planning contests and promotions, we’ll work with you to plan your strategy, refine your approach and measure your results.

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What our clients say

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David Dickerson


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Samantha Khoury

Amaiò Swim


John Kaufman

The Kaufman Group


Jimmy Palmiotti

Jimmy Palmiotti


Josh Berger

Josh Berger


Josh Berger started Interconnected Worldwide back in 2010, where he pioneered the social media space for brand development before it was the norm. His forward thinking has single-handedly taken brands like Radical Studios and Kitchen 24 to household names in their industries. His leadership and management of his team delivers happy, returning customers to his businesses. Partnering with David only seemed like the right next step to be able to deliver better results with their combined knowledge.

David Hernandez

David Hernandez


David Helped build the brand of Young And Reckless over the last 6 years. His skill and outside-the-box strategies has developed this brand to one leading streetwear brand in the industry. He has duplicated his efforts for such brands as Teenage and Clay Matthews Apparel, boosting their revenues exponentially.

Joseph Nazarian Esq

Joseph Nazarian Esq

Legal Counsel

Owner of his own private practice, The Nazarian Law Firm, Joseph Nazarian has a love and passion for law and is a great asset to The Ecomm Dude. His knowledge and oversight of operations helps ensure that our clients are entering into a work relationship that is favorable for all parties involved.

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